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Becoming 0001: Bachelor Degree Project

A world where the object adapts plurally to its subjects, NOT THE CONTRARY
Manifesto / Umeå School of Architecture Studio 2
Tommy Vince Peoples innovative capability is what should be celebrated when talking about architecture. When analysing architecture, it becomes clear that architecture is far to permanent, to static. It is time architecture responded to its user and its context. Time. Le Corbusier answered this by creating a system wherein the user could inhabit freely, as did Mies. But fighting the ever-changing fluidity of our reality with static and illusionary permanent solutions is an exhausting attempt of reassurance. The fluid, ‘immer’ altering, transformative and temporary state can never be successfully combined with statics and permanents. This will only restrict its quality.
Let us now, cut the shackles of the people and grant them the opportunity to live and be empowered by their environment. Let us give people a true experience of democratic freedom. Let us…

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